Immersive Mobile Gaming

“Tap, Tap, Tap…”

Recognize that sound?

You should.  That’s the sound of someone playing a typical mobile game today…  These casual games are short on the kind of rich, immersive gameplay that draws you into a fantastical world and keeps you there hour after hour.

Many of today’s games can feel like you’re playing a 2013 version of whack-a-mole. Make your choices of what to ‘tap’ and secuences play out on your behalf based on basic stat calculations and a random number generator (RNG).  These usually result in a simple “win / loss” page or precooked animation. Personally, I’m always left with a bit of a hollow feeling with games like this.

It’s time for a change!

SnowFury Studios was founded with the mission to reinvent what you expect from a mobile game and deliver 3D immersive worlds that are fully interactive…

The Realms

Project Snowstorm

Who created the Realms? No one knows for certain.

Each realm has its own physical laws, its own source of power. With each realm being so different, it’s no surprise that each realm also has its own stories of creation.

Some say God (or gods) created the various realms, possibly for amusement, possibly for some unfathomable reason only the mind of a god could comprehend…

The Eternals

Project Snowstorm

Whatever tales they tell of the creation, one thing everyone in the known realms agrees about: the eldest realm, the first to be created, was that of the Eternals.

Ancient, powerful, cruelly civilized for uncounted millennia, the Eternals believe that they are the One True Realm, and that all the other realms are poor, corrupted …

The Elemental Realm

Project Snowstorm

The Elemental Realm is a quartered realm, its citizens and creatures all bound to one of the four classical elements: Earth, Water, Fire and Wind. The beliefs, personalities, practices and abilities of everything that lives there are closely tied to a particular element. For centuries, Earth, Water, Fire and Wind fought their own internal battles, warfare raging across their lands as the elements fought each other for mastery. But the four elements were brought together at last by the attack of a common foe: the Eternals…

The Spirit Realm

Project Snowstorm

The Spirit Realm The Spirit Realm is a realm ruled by powerful magic…and powerful magicians. Some within this realm have the ability to blind an enemy or strike him down from afar. Some can poison the very air and water that he breathes. Some can project their disembodied spirits across vast distances, listening in on secret conversations, probing behind strong walls for treasure and knowledge. Some can even transform themselves into beasts…

Your Realm

Project Snowstorm

The human realm—your realm, as you play the game—is a place of kings and kingdoms, princes and paupers, farmers and merchants and sailors and thieves. Sometimes it is a peaceful place, sometimes it is riven by war. It is a thoroughly recognizable place, full of the passion and folly, tragedy and triumph, sorrow and humor that is the hallmark of every place where ordinary humans live and die.

What sets it apart from the other realms is also very human: the innate human drive to explore, to see what lies beyond the horizon, over the mountains, above the clouds, beneath the seas…

Your World

Project Snowstorm

For the People of the Lake, your people as you begin to play the game, the world is rather small: an almost circular valley holding a large lake whose shores are dotted with the People’s small villages.

The People mostly just call the lake “The Lake,” but they all know it has another name, a name given it by the Ancients: Ha’achekan, The Lake of the Terrible Sky…

The Ancients

Project Snowstorm

The People of the Lake, and even the nearly legendary warring kingdoms they fled, are mere upstarts compared to the vast civilization that once dwelt in these lands. Known now as the Ancients, they built enormous cities, magnificent palaces and temples, and long, straight, paved roads whose incredible bridges spanned mighty rivers and canyons.

But a long, long time ago—unguessed centuries, perhaps even millennia—the civilization of the Ancients collapsed into chaos. Their cities were reduced to rubble, the victims of unknown cataclysms…