Immersive Mobile Gaming

“Tap, Tap, Tap…”

Recognize that sound?

You should.  That’s the sound of someone playing a typical mobile game today…  These casual games are short on the kind of rich, immersive gameplay that draws you into a fantastical world and keeps you there hour after hour.

Many of today’s games can feel like you’re playing a 2013 version of whack-a-mole. Make your choices of what to ‘tap’ and secuences play out on your behalf based on basic stat calculations and a random number generator (RNG).  These usually result in a simple “win / loss” page or precooked animation. Personally, I’m always left with a bit of a hollow feeling with games like this.

It’s time for a change!

SnowFury Studios was founded with the mission to reinvent what you expect from a mobile game and deliver 3D immersive worlds that are fully interactive…