The Elemental Realm

Project Snowstorm

The Elemental Realm is a quartered realm, its citizens and creatures all bound to one of the four classical elements: Earth, Water, Fire and Wind. The beliefs, personalities, practices and abilities of everything that lives there are closely tied to a particular element. For centuries, Earth, Water, Fire and Wind fought their own internal battles, warfare raging across their lands as the elements fought each other for mastery. But the four elements were brought together at last by the attack of a common foe: the Eternals.

Only by combining their strengths were the Elementals able to turn back the Eternals’ onslaught when the turning cycles of creation brought their realms together and the Eternals invaded. For centuries that uneasy truce has held within their own realm, although the individual creatures of the Elemental Realm still have no love for creatures from elements other than their own: a Water creature and a Fire creature may still fight each other even as they work together to defeat an Eternal!

As a realm, however, the Elementals have dedicated themselves to fighting the Eternals whenever and wherever they can, which is why champions from the Elemental Realm enter other realms when the barriers thin to help in the battle against the invading Eternals.

As the saying goes, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”