Immersive Mobile Gaming

“Tap, Tap, Tap…”

Recognize that sound?

You should.  That’s the sound of someone playing a typical mobile game today…  These casual games are short on the kind of rich, immersive gameplay that draws you into a fantastical world and keeps you there hour after hour.

Many of today’s games can feel like you’re playing a 2013 version of whack-a-mole. Make your choices of what to ‘tap’ and secuences play out on your behalf based on basic stat calculations and a random number generator (RNG).  These usually result in a simple “win / loss” page or precooked animation. Personally, I’m always left with a bit of a hollow feeling with games like this.

It’s time for a change!

SnowFury Studios was founded with the mission to reinvent what you expect from a mobile game and deliver 3D immersive worlds that are fully interactive.  As a platform, Mobile Phones and Tablets have evolved to the point where they have a tremendous amount of processing power and 3D graphics capabilities. These platforms are becoming increasingly prominent in our lives, capturing more and more of the time we once spent on a traditional PC.

Project Snowstorm is our first in a planned trilogy of games that break free of “tap, tap, tap, RNG FTL!” delivering a vast online world to explore and an adaptive storyline that changes based on the decisions you make.  Unravel the mystery of the Ancients as you explore, quest, gain achievements, and complete collections.

Our fully interactive battle system that lets you use all of your ingenuity as a gamer to pound your opponents into the floor (edited for general publishing) in both Player vs Environment (PvE ) and Player vs Player (PvP) scenarios and rated combat battles.

Watch for us in our coming Kickstarter campaign  – help us make Project Snowstorm a reality and begin changing the way everyone thinks about mobile games.