Your Realm

Project Snowstorm

The human realm—your realm, as you play the game—is a place of kings and kingdoms, princes and paupers, farmers and merchants and sailors and thieves. Sometimes it is a peaceful place, sometimes it is riven by war. It is a thoroughly recognizable place, full of the passion and folly, tragedy and triumph, sorrow and humor that is the hallmark of every place where ordinary humans live and die.

What sets it apart from the other realms is also very human: the innate human drive to explore, to see what lies beyond the horizon, over the mountains, above the clouds, beneath the seas. That drive extends to more than just physical exploration. Humans also seek knowledge and understanding, strive to figure out how things work…and how to make things work better.

Unlike the Elementals, humans cannot command fire or water or earth or air just by willing it. But they can command all those elements through the use of tools, tools they create with the knowledge they have discovered of the workings of the world.

Unlike the denizens of the Spirit Realm, humans cannot call upon magical powers. But they can create technology that is indistinguishable from magic, tools that can rain death from afar, stop rivers in their tracks, even bear them aloft.

When the Eternals invade the Human Realm, humans at first seem all but defenseless, dependent on the champions sent their way from the Elemental Realm and the Spirit Realm. But appearances can be deceiving. Technology offers power the other realms have never dreamed of…power that may eventually allow humans to defeat the Eternals once and for all.

If they survive long enough to figure out how to do it.