Rise of the Eternals

Project Snowstorm is the first game in a planned trilogy in which you become a character at the center of the collision of four realms.  As the barriers that separate the realms begin to break, creatures from the other realms force their way into your reality…and everything you’ve come to think of as normal begins to change.  For millennia, the powerful, mysterious beings known as the Eternals have sought to conquer and dominate all other realms.

Now, at last, they have found a way into yours…but fortunately, they are not the only ones to do so.  From the Elemental and Spiritual Realms come powerful champions seeking to protect your realm from the Eternals.  But the Eternals are deadly foes, and the outcome is far from assured; and should the Eternals gain a foothold in your realm, they will subjugate all life to their cruel rule.

Learn more about the The Story, The People, and The Realms that make up this epic story!  You can also learn more about the planned Trilogy of games that immerse you in the stories of past events…and then plunge you into your world’s final, desperate attempt to battle the Eternals in their own dark realm.