The People


Your people live a quiet life in a handful of small villages in Safehaven Valley, on the shores of Lake Ha’achekan, a lake whose name means “Terrible Sky” in the all-but-forgotten tongue of the Ancients, though no one knows why it is called that.  It’s a forbidding name, but a beautiful place, an enormous lake nestled inside a bowl of towering mountains.

Those mountains have kept the valley hidden from the outside world for generations, and that’s just the way your people like it: they fled into the valley as refugees from a great war raging in the world outside. The war did not follow them there, and since then they have had no contact with it. Though once or twice a generation someone sets out to climb the mountains and see what it is like in the wide world outside, no one who has left the valley has ever returned.

For your people, the memories of the outside world have faded to little more than fairy tales: exotic legends of kings and castles, of knights marching to war, of cities burned and pillaged, of men and women who fought and loved and lived and died in the wars your ancestors fled.