The Story

The adventure begins in an ordinary world much like our own…but that every-day, ordinary realm is not the only one that exists. Nor is it the oldest. On the contrary, it is the youngest of many realms, each with its own natural laws and civilizations and its own source of power.

Ordinarily, the realms are separated from each other by mystical barriers. But these are not ordinary times. Though most of the time the barriers between the realms cannot be breached, there are cycles in creation that cannot be denied, and every 5,000 years those mystical walls are stretched to the breaking point: every 5,000 years influences from other realms can seep through the barriers, twisting creatures and people, preparing the way for an eventual invasion by the would-be conquerors of all the realms, the mysterious beings known as the Eternals.

Though no one knows how many realms there are, how they were created, or by whom, one thing is known: since the dawn of time, battle has raged between the Eternals, who seek to penetrate the barriers between the realms and dominate and control the energies and abilities of the other realms, and every other realm they come into contact with.

The realm of the Eternals is the oldest. Your realm—the ordinary, everyday realm—is both the youngest and the most vulnerable, for its unique source of power has never been identified. Defenseless without it, your realm would long ago have been conquered if not for the millennia-long (though unsuspected) protection of champions from other realms.

Everything's Changing

The story of Project Snowstorm begins on an ordinary day that soon turns extraordinary.

A fisherman from the quiet village of Stillwater takes his young son out on the boat with him for the first time, onto the blue waters of giant Lake Ha’achekan, broad as a small sea, deeper than anyone has ever measured.

The fishing expedition is successful: the boy, it seems, brings good luck, and the boat returns to the pier so laden with fish that the father leaves the boy to guard them and runs off to the village to get help with the unloading.

While he waits, the boy discovers something hiding behind the crates of fish. Something small…something hungry.

A dragon!

The boy has barely grasped what kind of creature he has befriended before both of them are threatened by a pack of wolves, led by a monstrously large, terrifying creature: a spirit wolf. The dragon defends the boy, driving the spirit wolf and its followers away…and the boy, as he touches the dragon, sees a strange rune appear on his hand, glowing with mystical power.

His father doesn’t notice. He’s just happy his son is safe…and bewildered by the sudden appearance of the small dragon. “But…what is it?” he asks. “Where does it come from?”

They hear a strange cry above them, echoed by the dragon at their side. They look up.

Another dragon flies across the sky.

The barriers between the realms are thinning. The power and influences of other realms are seeping into the ordinary world…

…and nothing will ever be ever be ordinary again.