Game 1 – Realms Collide

Your journey begins in the past, in the peaceful, secluded land of Safehaven. The cycles of the universe have brought four realms into alignment: the Elemental, the Spiritual, your own…and the dark, secretive realm of the Eternals. The Eternals have broken through the barrier protecting your realm from theirs. As powerful, evil forces begin to seep into your world, you are plunged into the center of an all-out war.

To stop the onslaught, you must race against time to unravel the mysteries of the past. The key lies within the crumbling stone records of the long-vanished Ancients, the first civilization to face an attack from the Eternals—and the first to chronicle its experiences.

Along the way you gather powerful allies, known as battlepets, from other realms, and learn to combine the powers from the other realms to create your own custom battlepets. They offer help and protection as you embark on quests of discovery and fight epic battles to stave off the invasion of the Eternals.

At the end of your journey lies not only an understanding of the threat facing our world, but, far more importantly, the discovery at last of your realm’s source of power, a source of power that may at last give your people an edge in the never-ending battle of the realms:


Game 2 – Discovery

The second game in the trilogy takes you even further into the past, millennia ago, to the time of the Ancients, whose fledgling civilization is caught unaware as the energies of the dark realm swirl through it. Ordinary beasts begin to change, transforming magically into powerful entities that must be appeased or destroyed. Key leaders come under the influence of the dark realm, and begin demanding blood offering to the altered creatures now seen as gods. Families and communities are torn apart, plunged into warfare and fear. The entire civilization breaks apart into chaos.

It’s up to you to fight your way through that chaos to uncover the truth of what has happened, to stop the invasion of your realm by the Eternals—and to leave a record in stone for the future generations, in the hope they will not be caught by surprise like your doomed people.


Game 3 – The Final Battle

The third game of the trilogy brings you at last to the present day.

Centuries have passed since the invasion began. The battle has been long and arduous. If not for the constant vigilance of the Tech warriors of Earth and their Spiritual and Elemental allies, your realm would have long since fallen, and there have been times when defeat seemed imminent.

But now the tables have been turned. The creatures of the Eternal Realm have been driven back through the breach between the realms, back into their own twisted reality…but they’ll be back, unless the threat they pose is eliminated once and for all. The time has come to take the battle directly to the enemy.

In the third game, you are a young Tech Warrior, pushing back the Eternals in your own world and eventually leading an attack on their stronghold in their own realm. It’s a perilous, high-stakes attempt to finally and forever overthrow the rule of those whose lust for power and domination has plunged realm after realm into terror and darkness for millennia.

The stakes couldn’t be higher. Succeed, and never again will the Eternals be able to break through the barriers between the realms. Fail, and your world becomes a place of tyranny and horror forever.

Don’t fail.