The Ancients

Project Snowstorm

The People of the Lake, and even the nearly legendary warring kingdoms they fled, are mere upstarts compared to the vast civilization that once dwelt in these lands. Known now as the Ancients, they built enormous cities, magnificent palaces and temples, and long, straight, paved roads whose incredible bridges spanned mighty rivers and canyons.

But a long, long time ago—unguessed centuries, perhaps even millennia—the civilization of the Ancients collapsed into chaos. Their cities were reduced to rubble, the victims of unknown cataclysms, the massive paving stones of their roads were shattered and uprooted, and their bridges fell into ruin and were swept away.

All that remains of the Ancients are a few tumbled stones, some eroded statues, a handful of strange engravings and inscriptions no one is any longer able to decipher…and fragments of their language, clinging to the places of the land like the lichen clings to their ruined buildings: names like Ha’achekan, the Lake of the Terrible Sky.

Many of those names seem to speak of terror and despair.

No one knows why.