The Eternals

Project Snowstorm

Whatever tales they tell of the creation, one thing everyone in the known realms agrees about: the eldest realm, the first to be created, was that of the Eternals.

Ancient, powerful, cruelly civilized for uncounted millennia, the Eternals believe that they are the One True Realm, and that all the other realms are poor, corrupted copies. It was they who first identified the cycles that brought the realms into contact with each other, they who learned how to push through the thinning barriers…and they who launched invasions of the other realms, seeking always to impose their will, to remake those realms in the image of their own and seize control of their powers and resources for themselves.

Very little is known about the ultimate capabilities of the creatures from the Eternal Realm…except that they are strong, determined, ruthless and fanatical.

Universally feared, universally fought, the Eternals may yet triumph and condemn all other realms to an eternity of misery and enslavement…unless you can stop them.