The Realms

Project Snowstorm

Who created the Realms? No one knows for certain.

Each realm has its own physical laws, its own source of power. With each realm being so different, it’s no surprise that each realm also has its own stories of creation.

Some say God (or gods) created the various realms, possibly for amusement, possibly for some unfathomable reason only the mind of a god could comprehend.

Some say the realms formed on their own, coalescing out of some vast seething vortex of potential creation like lumps of butter forming in churned milk.

Nor does anyone know for certain how many realms there are. Most of the time—in fact, for thousands of years at a time—they are separated from each other by mystical, impenetrable barriers. But every once in a long while, those barriers thin. Then one realm can force its way into another, influence and infiltrate it, for good…or for evil.

Through these confluences of the realms over the millennia, four realms have become known to each other: the Eternal Realm, the Elemental Realm, the Spirit Realm, and the Human Realm…the realm in which the game takes place.