The Spirit Realm

Project Snowstorm

The Spirit Realm The Spirit Realm is a realm ruled by powerful magic…and powerful magicians. Some within this realm have the ability to blind an enemy or strike him down from afar. Some can poison the very air and water that he breathes. Some can project their disembodied spirits across vast distances, listening in on secret conversations, probing behind strong walls for treasure and knowledge. Some can even transform themselves into beasts.

No kings or emperors rule in the Spirit Realm. Magic is all, and those who wield it most powerfully are those who draw the most acolytes to the Schools of Magic they run, acolytes desperate to build their own magical powers and learn the secrets of the mage they vow to serve.

The Schools run the gamut from the small and secretive to the large and boastful. Some of the largest are kingdoms in all but name, controlling multiple cities and villages and vast lands. Some of the smallest—but not necessarily the weakest!—exist within a single castle or cave.

Magic of any kind can be used for either good or evil, but some powers lend themselves more to one than the other, and so the Schools of Magic in turn cluster together into domains of Dark and Light. In times past, those domains have fought each other, battles that are not about territory but about knowledge, for all magicians both jealously guard their own secrets and strive to discover the secrets of others.

Yet now both Dark and Light Schools of Magic are united by the need to defend their realm and others against the deadliest foes of all: the Eternals, who have been temporarily turned away from the Spirit Realm but continue to seek to subvert individual magicians and their followers, always working away at weakening the realm’s defenses.

While most of the focus of the Spirit Realm is on protecting itself, a few creatures of both Dark and Light have chosen to fight the Eternals elsewhere, as champions protecting other realms.

They are powerful protectors…but terrifying in their own right.